Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2022

Bought photo agency software "pixtacy" yesterday

I am on holiday at the moment spending time in Finland a the farm of my Finnish grandparents. Fortunately there is LTE Internet at an affordable price and I am on my trusty old "Slackware Linux" laptop. Until the first week of August I am going to be here.

To make some use of my free time I finally bought the pixtacy Software in its ultimate Professional version and will be taking photographs and add them to the online archive for testing purposes.

The next milestone is going to have the archive connected to i-Picturemaxx in case it is affordable as during my time at French and UK photo agencies I learned that it is easier to set up a shop with a photo agency portal rather that a website where you spend time promoting it.

Mittwoch, 23. März 2022

Strategic Dinner with in London - Calling all doctors and scientists / Agriculture also welcome

Hello folks,

I have been to London last week. Other than meeting with my former employer LMK Media visiting their offices in E1 Studios and having classic British Fish&Chips together I met with Edwin and his wife from

Edwin pointed out that he is looking to expand his already successful offerings in the fields of agriculture and medicine looking especially for doctors, scientists and farmers to expand the offering. 

As far as licensing is concerned he has plans to go "Back to Roots" of classic Rights Managed licensing for the pictures. 

 Photographers do not necessarily need to be full-time photographers but specialists in their field you have a photo collection in the specific fields of medicine and agriculture.

Sounds interesting? I will be happy to get you in touch with him as we are all very keen on not publishing under a Microstock licence as we strongly believe that these types of photography do have their specific value. Edwin also has relations to enforce the copyright of pictures should your images be stolen from the web.